Book, Paper, Scissors

Brian Dettmer

Can’t believe I missed Brian Dettmer in my pompous Book Art All-Stars roundup. He may be my favorite book sculptor of the bunch because he doesn’t add anything to the books or move anything around, he just carves, recontextualizing existing content.

Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer

More at the Haydeé Rovirosa Gallery.

41 thoughts on “Book, Paper, Scissors

  1. Holy shit, this guy is incredible. That is insane patience/determination to cut out each page like so. Someone give this man a decent copy of the Book of Kells.

  2. That is soo cool!! Awesome! :D But how did you do it?? And it must have taken an eternity!!! Really awesome!!

  3. I’ve never seen anything like this – totally awesome. Found you by stumbling, and I’m so glad I did. Very inspiring.

  4. Crap man, just down right creative. I would love to see how one of these is made. amazing.

  5. why aren’t there any that just look like frogs though? otherwise I guess it is cool

  6. Amazing. Is this guy just a rich guy who had a lot of time on his hands. If so then I’m glad he did cause it’s beautiful!!

  7. Just when I think I’ve seen about every art form up comes something really fabulous like this. He has mucho more patience than I.

  8. Please email me, I have an art community blog you may be interested in participating with, also, I’m an antiques auctioneer and come across antique books, I’d love to send you a few when I do if your interested in have more to work on.
    However, maybe it takes a year to do one, and you have all you need!

    Great job!

  9. Hello Everyone. I am Brian Dettmer, the artist that did this work. First of all, thank you for your interest and great response to my artwork. I see a number of comments/questions are addressed to me as if I put this here and it needs to be understood that I had nothing to do with this website. Also, I appreciate all the questions and interest but I will not have time to answer them because there are way too many blogs about my work now. For more info about my work you can go to the websites these images were originally lifted from:

    AuctionWally- I appreciate your offer and I’m always looking for material to work with. I don’t want to post my email online but if you contact Aron Packer at he can forward your information and I will contact you.

    Thank You!!!!

  10. that is definitely impressive.
    having just stumbled onto Ron Mueck, i’m beginning to think i underestimated stumbleupon as a simply tekgeek driven service

  11. Anybody knows if the way a book’s “sculpture” is related to its content ?

  12. Let me rephrase that:

    Anybody knows if a book’s “sculpture” is related to its content ?

  13. Holy Cow, I had no idea there was even 1 book sculptor in the world, let alone more such stars.

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    AWESOME! Just so amazing where the human mind gets to.

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