Playing Favorites

By pleasebestill on Etsy

There are many strategies people use to make discoveries on Etsy. This is my favorite.

Find a shop you like? Check out the shop owner’s favorites. Find an item in their favorites that you like? Check out that shop owner’s favorites. Repeat until you realize three hours have gone by and you have 26 browser tabs open to Etsy pages.

I never stop at the shop level on Etsy. If I find an item of interest, I go past the shop to the shop owner’s favorites, and enter an affinity feedback loop. Below are some favoriters I’ve been digging lately, and here’s a Yahoo Pipes-generated meta-feed consolidating all their favoriting activity which you can subscribe to if they strike your fancy.

Protip: If you find yourself past page 3 of someone’s favorites, subscribe to their favorites feed add them to your Etsy circle follow them!

corduroy's favoritescorduroy‘s items populate most of my favorite sellers’ favorites, so being pulled into her favorites was inevitable. She’s led me down some fruitful paths.

groundwork's favoritesEtsy all-star hearter TeenAngster hipped me to the favorites of groundwork (among many others), who happens to be corduroy‘s sister. Their mother, pogoshop, is also an active hearter. They share a great eye.

siiso's favoritesJust now after following a thread from groundwork’s favorites I was led to siiso (hearted this painting of hers). Her favorites led to half-dozen other eye-openers so she joins this list as well.

Icebear's favoritesIcebear, aka Sofia Arnold, is in India right now but she left behind lots of quality favorites leads. I was taken with this free bird and French hermit crab.

Domestikate's favoritesDomestikate favors the witty. She likes “color, humor, good design, wood and skies of blue.” She also finds and sells parrot staplers.

yaelfran's favoritesyaelfran is one of Etsy’s heavy hearters, with a massive number of favorites. They’re a bottomless source of unusual illustrations and prints.

Virginia Kraljevic's favoritesI’m a fan of Virginia Kraljevic‘s intricate line drawings and her favorites have led me to some interesting places, like Hillarie Tasche’s graffiti train drawings and Betsy Walton’s world.

More found daily.

One response to “Playing Favorites”

  1. I love your philosophy–it’s like “six degrees of Etsy”. I’ll add that one can also find interesting people/shops by checking out who has hearted you as a favorite. I’ve found several kindred spirits that way. I also go as far as to interview and feature some of my favorite Etsy artisans on my blog: and then in turn, some have featured me on theirs. It is a delightful circle of camaraderie, and I highly recommend it. Thanks for posting this. ;)